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  • What training have the SECURITY OFFICERS undergone?

    Mainly 3: Basic Security Guard Training (5 Module-Theory), Induction Briefing Guide for Security Guard (Theory) & Certified Security Guard (Practical).

  • How much experience do your SECURITY OFFICERS have?

    We do not deploy fresh or untrained security officers to our new assignments, at least 6 months working experience in a similar organization is compulsory.

  • What requirements do you have for armed SECURITY OFFICERS?

    Physically & Mentally fit, c & u, weapon handling license and training.

  • Do you do a background check on all of your SECURITY OFFICERS?

    Vetting procedures by Ministry Of Home Affairs (MOHA), Venovox Sdn Bhd & Interpol (Nepal Guards).

  • Is you company licensed and bonded?

    Yes, licensed MOHA & PKKKM and bonded with 4 types of insurance: Professional Indemnity, Fidelity Guarantee, Public Liability & Group Personal accident.

  • How can you help my company with its security needs?

    We can provide you with a free security risk assessment and audit for a start.

  • Does client have to pay extra for the additional services?

    Generally NO but for isolated cases depending on the type or nature of the additional services required.

  • How do you tackle if there is a Management Crisis and how fast is your response?

    With the CMS, NPU, Trained PO, we are able to handle any given crisis with minimum casualties or losses.

  • What are the many challenges and problems faced in these industries?

    Nothing that can’t be solve but mainly on communication skill when comes to foreigners as new SO are not well verse unlike the local.

  • Does your Operation Team has a back-up plan?

    Yes, usually more than 1, with the assistance of CMS, NPU & Operation Team itself.

  • Can a security OFFICER enforce parking?

    Yes, Provided the client SOP specify it.

  • How do I get a security OFFICER while traveling?

    Through our Escort Security Officer (VIP & Cargo).